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My Quiet Hero
Veteran's Day 2002


Veteran's Day 2002
4th Infantry, Ivy Dragoons
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Cherub Spirit

On Veteran's Day 2002 Ohio's Congresswomen Marcy Kapture presented The Silver Rose award to Bernie, The Vietnam Peace memorial was also dedicated that day.  Bernie was the first veteran in Toledo to receive the The Silver Rose, he had no idea he was receiving the award it was a complete surprise. When they called his name to come forward I think he went into shock, Linda had to nudge him forward a bit before it sunk in and he started to walk up there.  He was so honored and proud of receiving this award.  Linda Berry is now a co-director of The Silver Rose here in Toledo.

Bernie receiving The Silver Rose Award

Honor Guard Veteran's Day 2002

Veteran's Day 2002

Veteran's Day 2002

Uncle Bernie & Aunt Linda Veteran's Day 2002



We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night
to visit violence on those who would do us harm.  ~Orwell~


My Quiet Hero

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