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Bernie's Favorite song for last 14 months


"What a Wonderful World"
  By:  Louis Armstrong


This Site is dedicated to my Godfather Bernard Berry who passed away 8-19-03 from cancer caused by the exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.  I also am hoping to spread the word about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "PTSD" many veteran's suffer from, and The Silver Rose Award that any veteran who has passed away or has an illness related to the exposure of Agent Orange is entitled to receive.  I also hope to see that someday The Vietnam War is entered into the text books of our schools.  So please sit back an browse thru the site be sure to click around as you will find links to all sort of things. I will update often with pictures, links, poems and such. Please feel free to email me with anything you would like to see on the site, I will do my best to see it is added promptly.

20 Million Gallons of Agent Orange Dioxins!!!!!
More than 42 Cancers and sicknesses "approved by the VA"
Plus Spina Bifida in our Children!!!!!
Is that reason enough for you to get a full physical every year and a CAT scan?????
PM (Preventive Medicine) Could Save Your Life.
Contact:  Gary Chenett, National Director
The Order of the Silver Rose
(504) 595-8949  A 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Group


"Please click on the FLAME OF LIFE to visit the site where you may secure your very own FLAME OF LIFE to show your support of our troops"

Visit the artwork of one man's journey through Post Traumatic Stress and the struggle to come to terms with war and its aftermath of combat.

Broken US troops face bigger enemy at home!! A stretched Pentagon is sending unfit soldiers back to Iraq long before they are ready to serve again, When will it stop? Clink to read the article

Vietnam Veteran's Peace Memorial


My Quiet Hero

My Hero is the quiet type no marching band or media hype, but through my eyes it's plain to see, a hero God has sent to me.

With gentle strength and quiet pride, all self concern is set aside, to reach out to our fellow man, and be there with a helping hand.

 Hero's are a rarity, a blessing to humanity, with all they give and all they do. I'll bet the one thing you never knew, my quiet hero has always been you.

~From Personal Creations~

~Author Unknown~

The poem I found about a year ago and read it to Uncle Bernie and again as my eulogy to him.


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My Quiet Hero

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